Update and apologies

Apologies to those of you who are still waiting on a reply to your submissions. I’ve had a few Real Life dramas that have interrupted my progress over the last month or two (the nerve of them!). But the good news is that they’ve sorted themselves out, and I’m attempting to catch up.

I’m aiming to have all subs replied to within the next two to three weeks. Thanks to all for your patience.

That’s assuming you are being patient. If you’re being impatient, then have a small banana for your troubles.


Reminder – Moonlight Tuber deadline!

Just a reminder to all the authors out there that you have only two more days left to get your submissions ready and sent to Moonlight Tuber! Subs close officially at midnight on August 31. Anybody who thinks they might need slightly longer is welcome to email me and haggle! Extra time may be bought with promises of exotic foods.

Now write, damn you! *whip*

Submissions open for Moonlight Tuber’s first e-anthology.

A Handsome Laundrette, a Box of Lovers and Two Dozen Happy Seacows.

A Call for Submissions.

Have you been writing stories for years in abject squalor, perhaps in a small room above a dirty store full of hamburgers and no buns, never ever any buns?

Have your stories been stolen by an angry buzzard and returned with great holes in them that were not there before, probably?

Have you been waiting and waiting and waiting for an anthology of stories which explore the magical, bewildering, even muddled world of un-realism???

Then look no further, or indeed, do look, at the following words [note: edit this sentence later]

A Handsome Laundrette, a Box of Lovers and Two Dozen Happy Seacows is looking for stories of an experimental, odd, or surreal nature, WITH WHICH TO FILL ITS OWN ANTHOLOGOUS BELLY!

You too can be part of its digestive majesty.


AHLABOLATDFHS, to its friends, is open to submissions throughout the month of July (AND SUDDENLY, also August!), that preposterous month (now months, plural! How things change!) fast approaching.


Stories: Up to 5000 words

Publication: Via the magic of Internet PDF.

Payment: $50 (Australian)

Turnaround: Two months maximum.

Format: Rtf attachment. Email to moonlighttuber@gmail.com

No reprints.

AHLABOLATDFHS is open to writers of all varied nations, but is particularly interested in publishing Australian writers and funny dogs.

To Arms, My Jolly Breathren!

The Seacows are (metaphorically) in your hands…

Welcome to the Moonlight Tuber web appendage

Moonlight Tuber is dedicated to the electronic publication of material which is odd, adventurous or commercially non-viable by using the magic of The Internet!

We are particularly interested in surreal, absurdist or otherwise non-realist material, and we welcome writing which does not fit easily in established venues. We also wish to encourage and foster new authors. We are also dedicated, but not limited, to producing work by Australian writers. (Australia is the fat jagged-peanut-shaped monstrosity near the bottom of your maps. Tasmania is included, even though they are technically part of The Land of the Giants.)

Moonlight Tuber will initially publish pdf collections of new writing. Announcements of submission guidelines will follow at mystifying intervals.