Well! What a difference a year makes! Presumably. Otherwise what have you all been doing? Frittering your time away on nonsense like this editorial? Hang your heads in shame.

In only a short year, Moonlight Tuber has gone from being an unknown “Internet Story Hole” to being world famous! At least I can only assume this is the case. WordPress’s site visit statistics frankly baffle me.

But it is not just “The Tuba” which has changed. The whole world of electronic publishing has itself undergone a metamorphosis, from a humble average man-shaped scene to a glorious cockroach of splendour! I myself am the proud owner of both a kindle and a kobo, and while I have not learned to operate them, I am hopeful that in the not too distant future I shall be programming them to duel one another in the sitting area.

The internet “phenomenona” has raised a number of questions. Is it better to read on a book-screen or an interpage? Is piracy going to undermine traditional publishing (I don’t see how it can, as ship-board electronics are necessarily limited and in any case, we should just be grateful that pirate literacy is improving)?  And most importantly, is anybody reading anymore or are we all too busy blogging about the books we have bought?

Moonlight Tuber #2 does not purport to answer all of these questions, although you will find a substantial number of them addressed in depth on page thirty-four. But I think you will agree that this venture, if nothing else, adds to the confusion.

And for that you, gentle reader, must take some responsibility. Sleep soundly!


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