Moonlight Tuber #1

Ladies and gentleman, I am pleased to be able to pronounce this first issue of this obscure and ill-thought-out venture “opened”.

Moonlight Tuber #1 includes within its innards the following contentual miscellaneaia:

The Briefcase… Ethan Canter
A Sweet Story… Gitte Christensen
The Peanut Guy… Peter M. Ball
He and She… Sheri Radford
M.S. Found in a Gutter… Adam Browne
A Little Off the Top… Heidi Wessman Kneale
Head 2… Matthew Chrulew

It’s also completely free.

Click on the image below to download the issue.


6 responses to “Moonlight Tuber #1

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  4. Have just downloaded for a read this coming week and quite possibly the first review published of the magazine 🙂

  5. Nathan

    Very enjoyable magazine. I hope it continues for years to come!

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